Marber Beauty is a beauty company in Switzerland founded by Martha Bersier, dedicated to the selection of clean, natural and cruelty-free beauty brands from all over the world. After completing her university degrees, her jobs took her to London and Hong Kong where she quickly fell in love with the incredible different choices and innovation of skincare brands – sadly unknown in Switzerland. Back in Geneva, she struggled to find the beauty products she was used to in London and Hong Kong. Soon realizing she was not the only one, so she decided to have her favorite brands & products available in Switzerland. Forever an enthusiast of healthy and natural products she decided to embrace and awaken the traditional Swiss Beauty industry. “High quality ingredients” stand for our mantra. “My mission is to have all the best “clean, green and cruelty-free” brands available to all skincare adepts. 

On Marber Beauty, you will find natural and healthy products that respond to different skin conditions, target different needs, so that each customer can find a product, according to their own beauty criterias. Each product has been selected, tested and approved by us.” We are not only an online shop, but a wellness brand.

Our blog and social media lets you glimpse behind the scenes of the beauty industry and keeps you up-to-date with the latest and hottest beauty trends from around the world.

Any questions you may have, please email us at I’ll personally be happy to answer and guide you in the best possible way.


Martha Bersier